TSL Capital is an alternative lending source for short term mortgage loans on commercial properties in Australia.

As the wholesale arm of the larger KMF Group of Companies, TSL Capital is backed with extensive experience and resources in processing and approving loans for a range of borrowers including builders, construction groups, property developers and corporations.

If you are interested in securing a loan through TSL Capital, please contact one of our Investment team members on Tel:1300 842 699 to start the process.

Key Investment Parameters Comments
Type of Loan All Loans will be secured by either a first or subsequent mortgage over real property within Australia.
Type of Security The Security may be any type of property, including commercial office, retail, industrial, residential, vacant land, or specialist property. They may include a construction or land development component.
Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) Each Loan will have a maximum LVR.  The LVR will depend on whether it is secured by a first or subsequent mortgage, the purpose of the Loan, and the quality and type/s of Security.
Loan Size Generally, between $300,000 and $3,000,000
Loan Term Up to 12 months
Location of Security Typically, the Security for any Loan will be located in Australian metropolitan and major regional centres.
Lending Rate The lending rate will depend on the market conditions, whether the Loan is secured by a first or subsequent mortgage, the Loan term, the LVR, the purpose of the Loan and the quality of the Security.

Credit Committee

TSL Capital maintains a Credit Committee which consists of TSL’s executive director and two non-executive directors.

All mortgage funding opportunities will pass through a sub-committee consisting of one executive director and at least two of the non-executive directors before being approved for the Fund.

The Credit Committee is responsible for evaluating mortgage funding opportunities in accordance with the loan criteria set out in the Information Memorandum and TSL Capital’s lending procedures manual.

Lending Resources

Eligibility criteria for Wholesale / Sophisticated Investors

  • You have earned more than $250,000 per annum¹ in the past 2 years, or
  • Hold net assets in excess of $2,500,000¹, or
  • You have a minimum of $500,000 to invest.

¹to be independently certified by your accountant

If you do not qualify under the Wholesale criteria, consider general investment through Secured Note investment with Turner Securities Ltd

Please contact one of our senior executive team members on 1300 842 699